Our last SHE Networking Event

The Casino Maltese

Thursday 21st November 2019

So there we all were, seated in an ornate ballroom with Murano chandeliers that had seen countless visitors and distinguished club members throughout the years. When our friend Pat Vella opened the event, we listened intently as she relayed some historic details about The Casino Maltese. A roaring applause followed Pat’s mention that the venue had for a long time been a “men-only” club and continued “look at us today, 250 of us in one room. Amazing…amazing…thank you!”


From here began this momentous occasion which had been building up for almost a year! SHE Co-founder Sarah Woods beamed as she welcomed our guests, participants and sponsors while behind the scenes, the team worked tirelessly to ensure things would run smoothly. We wanted the event to be extra special and so we called on a few of our friends and ladies we admire to share their stories, expertise, musical and dance talents with us!

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Whether you’re a business owner or thinking about starting one, SHE Malta aims to delivery quality events and experiences to connect ambitious women as well as offer a wealth of opportunity and encourage collaboration.


The services we offer are included in our limited, introductory membership scheme from specially designed workshops and mentorship sessions to social gatherings and organised hang-outs. Events and activities are held at selected venues all over the Maltese islands and as leaders in the Women’s networking events field we work closely with our hosts and collaborators to bring you the very best networking opportunities and experiences. Find out more about our introductory membership package and become a part of our community.

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