Terms and Conditions

1. Community Name

SHE Malta is registered as SHE – Social Hub Entrepreneurs LTD. Reg no. C 94014, owned by Co-founders Sarah Woods and Julia Perry. Events and workshops will operate from various venues in Malta and Gozo.

2. Community Rules

SHE Malta strives to create a safe, comfortable environment for its members. The rules have been set out to ensure that each member is satisfied with the services provided while respecting fellow community members.

3. Confidentiality

3.1 We take great care to ensure your contact details are kept safely in our database should you decide to join any one of our workshops or events and/or join our mailing list.

3.2 Your data is protected using a number of security plugins and encryptions. In joining a workshop or event you agree to give SHE Malta consent to Send and/or notify you of future events and other related community activities via our newsletter. Furthermore, your details shall only be used by SHE Malta for the purposes of notifying you as above.

4. Attending a SHE Malta workshop or event

4.1  Anyone wishing to book a place at one or more of our workshops or events must be 21 or over.

4.2 Our workshops and events are open to residents of Malta and Gozo only.

SHE Terms & Conditions for Attendees 2020

4.3 We offer specialised workshops, social gatherings and inclusion into an online community forum.

4.4 Workshops and events and the price thereof, may change from year to year.

5. Workshop and Events

5.1 At SHE – Networking is always first on the agenda and this we combine with various elements such as events and workshops to allow our members the opportunity to grow and collaborate.

5.2 Payment of a workshop or event is due at checkout.

5.3 Workshops and events are non-refundable.

6. Cancelling a place on a workshop or event

We do not offer any refunds for bookings of workshops and events.

7. Conduct of attendees

7.1 Attendees should respect the rules of the community and each other whether online or at a organised event, workshop or social gathering.

7.2 We ask that participants are mindful of their words and actions particularly in sensitive situations such as politics and religion and at times when they feel they should or are encouraged to share an opinion.

7.3 Attendees should seek permission from the organisers before advertising their business at SHE Malta event.

7.4 Participants should not attempt to replicate similar and/or the structure of the SHE Malta events.

8. Expulsion of attendees

SHE Malta reserves the right to expel an attendee should community rules be violated on any one occasion. This includes:

a. Violent or abusive behaviour towards the community team or other members.

b. Attempt to hijack an event for the purpose of business gain such as showcasing/advertising products and/or services without prior permission from the organisers

9. Cameras/Recording

We record and photograph our events for promotional purposes only. A videographer and photographer may be present at the events and at some of the workshops and events. Through purchasing a ticket to the SHE Malta event you agree to be featured in our event photographs or video.

SHE Terms & Conditions attendees consent to being featured in our event photographs or promotional videos, which may, in turn be featured on social media, local and foreign publications, as well as television, and radio programmes.

10. Social media

The SHE Malta community is currently active on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. SHE Malta reserves the right to post images from events without notice and/or prior permission of the event attendees who feature.

11. SHE: Social Hub Entrepreneurs Trademark rights

The SHE Malta trade name is a registered trademark unique to our brand. Members should therefore refrain from using the same names, logos and colours without expressed and written permission from the organisers.

12. General rules

Attendees who bring property into events do so at their own risk. SHE Malta and/or venture host will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property.