The One Where We Celebrate 8 Years of SHE Malta

Celebrating 8 years in business with SHE: milestones, pearls of wisdom and testimonials.

The Wonder Women of Malta – Edition 1: Stephanie Borg

A new blog series entitled “The Wonder Women of Malta”, lessons from local Entrepreneurs

Legal Essentials for Entrepreneurs

Recommendations by four experts from Malta’s legal community

101 Inspiring Quotes for 2024 to Help You in Life and Work

Some feelgood factor in the form of superb quotes and mantras on dreams, success and life itself. 

Starting Small is Better Than Nothing at All: 11 simple sustainability tips for small businesses

A clear 11 point list of suggestions to help your business start down its own path to sustainability

Malta’s Future Wonder Women

Girls and young women who are breaking down barriers through the pursuit of their passions.

Behind the SHE blog: Meet Prabs

Ladies and gents, meet Prabs - the lady behind our SHE blog since August 2022

Part 2: The SHE OG’s – Where are they now?

Featuring 4 amazing women entrepreneurs that were involved with the SHE community from the start.

Part 1: The SHE OG’s – Where are they now?

Catching up with the ladies involved in the early years of SHE

Menopause Matters: 21 Myths Debunked

Part 3: Debunking 21 menopause myths by separating fact from fiction

Menopause Matters: To HRT or not to HRT?

Part 2 of our menopause series takes a closer look at HRT.

Menopause Matters: So Let’s Talk, Know and Do More About It

Part 1: an overview of menopause, the biology and the consequent health implications.

10 Useful Lessons in Life and Business from the Queen

10 useful lessons in leadership, business - and indeed life - that can be drawn from Queen Elizabeth

9 Tips to Help Businesses Stay Motivated in the Summer

A collection of tips from entrepreneurs to help businesses stay motivated in the Summer.

From Silk in Motion to Community in Action; a chat with Carla Grima

Diving into collaboration and community with local entrepreneur; Carla Grima.

On Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Throw motherhood into the entreprenurial mix and you’re playing the game on a whole new level.

Earth Day: Spotlighting 4 Sustainable Businesses in Malta

Businesses that are prioritizing operations, supply chains and strategies to create positive impact.

Women breaking the bias in science and technology

Here at SHE, we believe that every day is an opportunity to celebrate women!

7 benefits of the SHE membership to help your business thrive

​SHE has created a membership involving the perfect mix of online and in-person meet ups..

A True Vision – An Interview with Helena Mamo

In today’s feature we sit down with co-owner of Eyeland Opticians, Helena Mamo

The Minimal Stories; from full time-employment to entrepreneur

I can still clearly recall my first day as a full-time employee.

Women in film: Larissa Bonaci talks ‘Morning Star’

SHE chats to Larissa Bonaci about her upcoming short film 'Morning Star'

Allelon Hospitality; Breathing Life and Luxury into the Capital

Allelon Hospitality is fast becoming synonymous with Malta's capital city, Valletta.

Nurturing Client Relationships for Success

Rebecca Sansone, founder of BeautybyBex - a charming beauty salon in Gharghur, swears by the importa

The Advantages of Using Pinterest to Help Grow Your Business

Pinterest. The image sharing app we all turn to when looking for inspiration for recipes, home déco

A Story About Right Timing

Malta became my second home nearly 15 years ago. I had a string of tunes hit the Maltese charts back

How to build trust with transparency

Transparency is the foundation of any sustainable business. The invisible nature of supply chains ha

Top tips for re-igniting your mojo in pandemic times

As the pandemic drags on, many of us are feeling like our tanks have run dry and our energy and moti

A peek into Tam’s Creative world

Last November I came across a delightful Facebook Page called Tam's Creative - there was a post show

Christmas feature: 4 SHE friends and where they are today!

"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.”

Have you heard about Lela Land?

Ewelina Szynkarek chats to SHE about her new business venture; an online shop for kids with a differ

Rising with the falls: Interview with local fitness entrepreneur Leanne Bartolo

With every success story we hear about, we are inspired to get back on our feet and carry on despite

Open letter to the SHE community

Dear friends, We can never predict what decisions we would have to make somewhere beyond the hori

Empowerment for business owners: An interview with “Shaw Legal” founder – Jennifer Shaw

Some weeks back we had the pleasure of meeting with Jennifer Shaw, a charismatic Master of law (LL.M

Pathways to success: An interview with Little Isle Studio founder Becky Kamsky

On the 30th September, we’ll be welcoming digital marketer and social media strategist Becky Kamsk

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows: Interview with A Life I Choose Founder Emma Hogg

Meeting Emma and later her participation as a special guest in a number of our events are some of th

Greening the Grey: Interview with the ladies behind Vivacity

It’s been a journey, yes really, without exaggeration it’s been exactly that!Having recently bee

A welcome space: Experiencing the Zen Entrepreneurs Women’s Group

It’s been a journey, yes really, without exaggeration it’s been exactly that!Having recently bee

Post-lockdown trends: Diary of a mum entrepreneur

It’s been really special getting to know more about this lady. Last November we had the pleasure o

Mindset is key: Interview with serial entrepreneur Robyn Pratt

It’s been really special getting to know more about this lady. Last November we had the pleasure o

Women photographing women: SHE sheds light on 3 female creatives in Malta

Caught up in a whirlwind we might easily forget to notice all the beautiful things around us and ind

Women and Wisdom: 12 most inspiring quotes from special guests at SHE!

Celebrating women gives us a great sense of unity and belonging. Throughout history and all over the

Turn your passion into a profession! An interview with Beatrice Migneco, founder of BDesign

Beatrice Migneco or Bea as she's also known, is a lady of many talents and enjoys a wide range of in

10 SHE Firsts you may not have known about!

Since starting the community in the spring of 2017, there’ve been quite a few transformations and

Top of the New Year agenda!

Over at the SHE HQ we’re already at our desks and finalising plans to create more events and works

Sleigh bells are ringing out for business!

The big day is very almost upon us and since it's showing no sign of stopping we hurried to approach

A historic celebration and a brand new mile-stone!

It’s been emotional! Another event has come to pass and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the fe

A date with Krystyna Cassar Torregiani

It didn’t take long to get to know mum of two and Co-founder of MGO Manuka Honey Malta Kryssie bey

The Wonder of Women

When we started this journey, there was no telling how it would develop and neither did we have much

How it all started

It was one evening in the spring of 2017 when a phone call that was to change the course of the live