Women and Wisdom: 12 most inspiring quotes from special guests at SHE!

Celebrating women gives us a great sense of unity and belonging. Throughout history and all over the world women have encountered many hurdles and so, to our sisters who fought for our rights a little over a century ago, we owe enormous gratitude and admiration. We are where we are now because of our heroines, those brave individuals who experienced pain, joy, triumph and failure before ourselves and proved to generations who followed, that there is hope even at the darkest of times.

During our community gatherings we focus on both the highs and the lows, giving courage to those who are doubting their potential – some even preferring to remain in their “safe” zone whilst turning their backs on possibility.

In this feature, we’ve selected a few of the most memorable quotes from women who’ve graced our panel at SHE events spanning the last three years. We hope their words inspire you as much as they have ourselves. Here they are, in no particular order…

On the reality of responsibility:

“ There are days when you’re revving to go, you’re doing great job and then there are other days when you’re washed away by the emotional drain on you.”

Mikela Fenech Pace, HR professional at Alf Mizzi and Sons – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2019 event at The Casino Maltese


On inspiration:

“Inspiration doesn’t come from our minds, inspiration comes from our hearts, it comes from us feeling very connected to something, feeling passion in the core of our being and sharing that out into the world.”

Yasmin De Giorgio, founder of Sanya Eco-Spa and Theobromoa: A raw Cacoa Collective  – Speaking at the SHE March 2019 event at The Xara Lodge

On fear:

“You can do it all as long as you have passion. Fear is a big obstacle yet we need to remember to feel “the fear” and face it head-on, because when you break it down, what’s the worst that can happen? You make a fool of yourself? You lose time? Big deal!”

Sarah Kennard, Public and Media Relations Specialist at MPS – Speaking at the SHE Feb 2018 event at Active Spirit Gym


On self-love:

“ Try to be happy with yourself, first, before you try and please other people because it’s a never ending challenge”.

Rebecca Bonnici, founder of BELS Language School – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2019 event at The Casino Maltese


On strength and determination:

“I’ve had many reasons to cry in life but I’ve also had more reasons to laugh and smile”.

Amy Camilleri Zahra, academic and meningitis-survivor – Speaking at the SHE June event 2019 at The Luzzu Conference Hall

On taking the plunge:

“somehow a niggling feeling inside said we should jump…because that’s what FAITH is, jumping before you know the wind will keep your parachute up”.

Bettina and Philippa of The New Victorians  – Performing and speaking at the SHE Nov 2018 event at The Phoenicia Hotel


On success:

“My success is not the same as someone else’s success because of the time that it is. Success comes in its time, in a sense.”

Lorinda Mamo, blogger/founder of A Bird with a French Fry and Camp Create – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2019 event at The Casino Maltese


“ Success is also learning to be happy each day and having the love of others as your biggest wealth.”

Claire Agius,  TV presenter and actress – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2018 event at The Phoenicia Hotel

On Failure:

“…just keep going. Keep putting yourself out there, maybe falling and falling and then getting up and doing it again slightly different and eventually with enough patience and fortitude it will come, we’ll get it “right”. Enjoy the process because that’s all there is!”

Vanessa Coleiro, former group director of Marketing and Communications at Corinthia Hotels – Speaking at the SHE June 2018 event at Camilleri Paris Mode

On Networking:

“For our business to grow we need to connect with others. I used to experience social anxiety and this made connection really difficult… Acknowledging my fear empowered me to keep it in check so that I could connect with others and grow my business.”

Emma Hogg, founder of A Life I Choose – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2018 event at The Phoenicia Hotel


On Mental Health:

“Sometimes it’s just good to take a step back and wear those kind eyes and say, look, actually, I’m having a tough time.”

Dr. Rachel Taylor-East, Consultant Psychiatrist – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2019 event at The Casino Maltese

On Support:

“ How wonderful it feels to be supported! I have always believed in the power of quality over quantity. Real support is not about constantly being there for a person, but when you’re there you’re REALLY there. Kind, tender words of encouragement can mean the absolute world to us women when unleashing our potential. Finding the right place, at the right time to be honest with someone through positivity and sensitivity accomplishes great things.”

Pat Vella, PA to the General Manager at The Phoenicia Hotel – Speaking at the SHE Nov 2019 event at The Casino Maltese
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