Earth Day: Spotlighting 4 Sustainable Businesses in Malta

This Earth Day is all about investing in our planet. We can’t ignore the fact that how we operate will have an impact and it is our responsibility, as business owners, to implement eco-friendly practices in order to contribute to the fight against climate change.

When we talk about sustainable business, we talk about companies that strive to meet the triple bottom line; People, Planet and Profit.

Here are 4 female-led (and female co-led) businesses that are prioritizing their operations, supply chains and business strategies to create a positive impact right here in Malta!

In honour and recognition of Earth Day, let this inspire YOU to make a positive change in your own business, no matter how big or small ….


Founded by Julia Tonna in 2020, WhizzFix is an artisanal company specialising in the repair and restoration of shoes, handbags, leather garments and clothing – lovingly extending the life span of your favourite pieces. WhizzFix also offers the option to list your pre-loved luxury items for sale in their online store.

Julia, what are your key sustainability measures? 

Our services help customers live a more sustainable lifestyle through the reduction of waste by repairing and reviving items instead of their disposal. We seek to reduce the supply chain by preventing unnecessary new purchases and consequently decreasing the carbon footprint. We also seek to reduce pollution by encouraging our customers to use our delivery service.

Are you organising or participating in any Earth Day event in Malta this year? 

For this year’s Earth Day, we are working on a collaboration to save and clean up our beautiful sea with Mark Galea Pace. The idea is to rent a raft and attach it to Mark’s boat. He will then collect all the large pieces of wood and plastic in the sea around the northern coast of Malta.

Why did you decide to run an eco-friendly business? 

Seeing the number of consumers disposing of good pieces for no reason was the catalyst to start this business and make a difference. The core value of our service is to promote a more circular fashion rather than a linear one. Our mission is to encourage others to reuse and restore their items and sell or purchase pre-loved goods. We genuinely believe that there is no need to buy brand new things considering the amount of well-looked-after items that are available. It is crucial to promote buying pre-loved items by breaking the stigma associated with this topic. Whizzfix is a reflection of our passion for sustainability.

Deheb Jewellery

Helena and Mandy are the sisters behind Deheb Jewellery. A unique jewellery concept created to champion 18-carat gold jewellery sourced across the Maltese Islands. Ranging from intricate antique finds dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries to more recent contemporary, pre-loved classics, they’ve curated an online platform to elevate an array of handpicked pieces on a national and international level.

Ladies, what are your main sustainability measures? 

Since we are committed to generating a minimal carbon footprint, we source all stock locally and use Malta Post services where possible. Alternatively, there is DHL – supporting projects that offset carbon emissions. Our fabric bags used for packaging are made of upholstery off-cuts and are recyclable. We also operate exclusively online with no mortar store.

Are you organising or participating in any Earth Day event in Malta this year? 

One of our main objectives for this year is to continue building upon our sustainability efforts. We will be supporting Earth Day by reinvesting in becoming a 100% sustainable company. Equally, we want to ensure that we provide the necessary information through our online content for our customers to shop smart.

Why is it crucial for you to be an eco-friendly business? 

The fashion industry is one of the leading suspects in generating waste and carbon emissions, so the need for a shift to a sustainable fashion is very evident. We built Deheb Jewellery as a circular jewellery brand, providing longevity to antique and pre-owned jewellery. By studying trend forecasts, we can select pieces that will regain popularity and help us identify our bestsellers. Instead of selling cheap imitations that would tarnish and ultimately end up in a landfill, we carefully curate our 18-carat gold collections made of investment pieces that will increase their value over time.

The Malta Florist

The Malta Florist, co-led by Marisabelle Bonnici, has two facets. Firstly retail; selling beautiful flower arrangements and plants online but also via their traditional brick-and-mortar store. Second, their greenhouses supply other florists with wholesale flowers. Marisabelle takes care of the website, staff and events, whilst her fiancé, Charles, works in the greenhouses and the wholesale section of the business.

Marisabelle, what are your core sustainability measures? 

We focus on using local and seasonal flowers. These are grown mainly in our greenhouses using water conservation techniques and organic growing methods. To reduce waste within the farm and our shops, we use 100% biodegradable materials in our arrangements and avoid plastics where wrapping is concerned. Instead we acquire wrapping materials from fair trade sources. We also condition our flowers to an extended vase life to avoid wastage. The imported 20% of our flowers always come from fair-trade growers. Overall, to create a more sustainable ecosystem in our fields, all the waste material from flower cleaning is composted together with manure collected from neighbouring animal farms.

Are you organising or participating in any Earth Day event in Malta this year? 

Usually we love to participate in clean-up events but with our own wedding preparations around this Earth Day, our time is limited. However, we still want to contribute and we will be planting 20 new Eucalyptus and Olive trees in our fields. On top of this, we constantly strive to educate our clients on the positive environmental impact of opting for local and seasonal flowers via our online content.

Why is it paramount for The Malta Florist to be an eco-friendly business? 

Sustainability has always been at the core of our business. Even our business cards are recyclable. It took some time for people to understand the cost of our fair-trade wrapping compared to the usual plastic alternative, but 3 years down the line, more people are understanding our vision. We all need to consider our impact on society and the planet. Protecting the Earth’s resources means protecting the longevity of our business too. We take pride in playing our part in leaving behind a healthier Malta for the next generations whilst also educating those who may not be aware of the impact their choices have on the environment.


ReRoot, co-founded by Christina Micallef, is a zero waste, low impact lifestyle  store that provides eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. From kitchenware, household and cleaning products to cosmetics, home ware and much more! All products are plastic-free, natural and cruelty-free. The business is a family affair and is run by Christina, her husband Paul and her brother Jean Paul.

Tell us Christina, what are your core sustainability measures? 

We frequently revise our practices to be as sustainable as possible. Working closely with like-minded suppliers allows us to source our eco-friendly products and raw materials sustainably and ethically. Some of our packaging comes from reused materials and we always try to use as little material as possible. We also make use of electric vehicles for deliveries. Sustainability is at the core of our business.

Is ReRoot organising or participating in any Earth Day event in Malta this year? 

Yes! You can find us at the Earth Day Green Fair at Manikata from 22nd to 23rd April. We will be selling a range of our products, including our bestsellers. If you are attending the event, we would love for you to come and say hello!   

Why is it essential for you to be an eco-friendly business? 

ReRoot was born out of our desire to make a difference and do something about the ongoing climate emergency. We understand how frustrating it is to try and make sustainable choices whilst feeling like the current world is working against you. We are here to support everyone who wants to make a difference – no matter how small. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to get their hands on sustainable products and make a collective change. Imagine if the world’s population (7.9 billion people) collectively decided to swap plastic bags with reusable bags!

Did this article inspire you? What sustainable practices are YOU going to adopt in your own business moving forward?

Written by Monika Kopcilova

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