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Rocking the feminine in business

– with Cat Moyle

The pressures of life and long working hours can leave us stressed and having to endure pain and discomfort caused by sustained sacrifices and lack of self-care. Cue Cat Moyle – Intuitive body worker and Body Mind Guide who’ll be dropping in for a very special interactive session with you the audience!


During the workshop, Cat will show us how to move between the masculine (yang/active/solitary/linear) and feminine (yin/passive/collaborative/cyclic) energies within us.


Here she’ll share some practical tips and techniques for rocking the feminine in business with specific focus on falling into the body which she terms “our wisdom machine” and listening to it’s guidance. We will see what stillness feels like, explore our energetic back body and learn how to connect calmly. We will dial up our energy to access our intuition and take a moment to celebrate our four cyclic super powers.

How to win a smile! The business of putting people first

– with Mikela Fenech Pace

In this interactive live session – Human Resources professional Mikela Fenech Pace will be sharing some practical tips and advice on aspects such as the emotional well-being of team members within companies large or small. Learn first hand how to drive your team’s enthusiasm and further maintain their commitment to your business.


Throughout Mikela’s years of experience in dealing with diverse groups of people, she will also bring to light the tackling of tricky situations such as letting people go while at the same time, working to ensure a better, happier environment for employees through various methods and efforts of communication.


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