Online Membership FAQs

Online Membership FAQs

Q. What does a SHE Online Membership include?

A. Your SHE membership would include a minimum of 2 events per month ranging from expert-led workshops and inspirational talks to focus groups, discussion clubs, virtual networking and social meet ups. The SHE Membership shall provide you with a platform intended to help you form part of a growing community of likeminded women in business. This is primarily an online membership although 2022 will see us introducing face-to-face meet ups every other month. (Government policy permitting)

Q. How much does it cost to become a SHE Online Member?

A. For the purpose of flexibility we have 3 membership packages available;

1. The 3 month membership package at a fee of EUR 95

2. The 6 month membership package at a fee of EUR 180

3. The 12 month membership package at a fee of EUR 300

Please view our terms and conditions for more information on our payment scheme/s.

Q. How do I cancel?

A. Once subscribed to the membership package of choice, you will not have the option to cancel and the package is non-refundable. For any queries relating to this you can contact us at

Q. How can I access my SHE Online Membership?

A. Upon subscribing you will be asked to create a unique username and password which will allow you access to the SHE membership platform. You will be notified of upcoming events monthly and you will need to RSVP your spot to each session. Most sessions will be conducted via Zoom and you will receive a link to join prior to the session starting and only after you have sent in a RSVP. 2022 will see us introducing face-to-face events every other month. (Government policy permitting) In a similar way, you will be notified of upcoming face-to-face events and you will receive further details after you have sent in your RSVP.

Q. What if I can’t make one of the sessions? Can I receive a recording instead?

A. SHE encourages live participation to ensure that members receive the maximum value the session has to offer. SHE recommends you diarize each session and prioritize your attendance as much as possible. In the event a member who has committed to attend an event and is unable to do so, said member can email and SHE reserves the right to treat each request on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Can men join?

A. This is a women only community therefore men can not sign up to become members, nor can men be present at any of the SHE Online sessions.

Q. Can I keep my camera switched off during the sessions?

A. Since all of our online sessions are highly interactive, we require you to be present in real time! Therefore cameras should be kept on throughout the duration of each session, unless there is an emergency.