Online Terms and Conditions

1. What is SHE Online?

SHE Online, is a virtual community platform for women, whereby members are granted access to a broad array of content and tools in the form of expert-led workshops, inspirational talks, discussion groups and more. 2022 will see us introduce face-to-face meet ups to the program every other month. (Government policy permitting)

2. Our registered trademark and contact information

2.1 SHE Malta is registered as SHE – Social Hub Entrepreneurs LTD. Reg no. C 94014, hereinafter known as SHE.

2.2 To contact us please email

3. Registration

3.1 To become a member, you must fill in the online form at

3.2 Upon joining our online membership, members will be asked to create a username and password which they will use to access our online membership site.

3.3 These details should be kept safe. Under no circumstances should members disclose any information relating to their account to third parties.

4. Online Membership

4.1 Anyone may subscribe to the SHE Online membership at any time.

4.2 Once subscribed, members will be given access to the SHE Online membership platform.

4.3 The membership will begin from the date of Registration.

4.4 SHE will charge a non-refundable membership fee for the selected membership package to the member’s chosen payment method immediately upon registering.

4.5 A membership will cover a 3, 6 or 12 month period, commencing from date of registration.

4.6 Members agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement as well as all other policies which relate to and are advocated by SHE – Social Hub Entrepreneurs Limited. The Terms and Conditions may be subjected to changes at any time and shall be binding on all members.

4.7  The SHE Online Membership is strictly non-transferable.

4.8 Once subscribed to the membership, you will not have the option to cancel and will be committed to the selected membership package of 3, 6 or 12 months. For any queries relating to this, or in connection to the interpretation of these conditions, you can contact us at

5. Payment and Membership Fees

5.1 Upon subscribing to our SHE Online Membership, the membership shall commence once payment is confirmed. To this end, the available membership packages include:

i) A one-time payment covering the entire 3 months in the amount of €95.00 or the local currency equivalent.

ii) A one-time payment covering the entire 6 months in the amount of €180.00 or the local currency equivalent.

iii) A one-time payment covering the entire 12 months in the amount of €300.00 or the local currency equivalent.

5.2 Without prejudice to clause 5.1, all those who subscribed and became members in 2021 had been given the possibility of settling the membership as follows:

> A monthly payment of 28 euros over a period of 12 months, or the local currency equivalent; or

> A quarterly payment of 76 euros over a period of 12 months, or the local currency equivalent;

> An annual fee of 256 euros for a 12 month period, or the local currency equivalent.

Following the expiration of the initial 12 month subscription, clause 5.1 shall automatically apply so that members who wish to renew their SHE membership will have to choose from the 3 options available therein.

5.2.1  The membership package fees may be increased or reduced at any time and at SHE’s sole discretion. SHE will inform all members in writing should there be any change to the membership package fees.

5.2.2 Toward the end of any membership package, SHE will notify members, who may, in turn, choose to renew their membership with SHE. The membership will not automatically renew.

6. Cancellation of Membership

6.1. The SHE Online Membership is binding for the entire selected period and is non-refundable. In the event that members are struggling to make the majority of the sessions, said members may inform SHE Malta by sending an email to and SHE will deal with each scenario on a case-by-case basis.

7. Online Sessions

7.1 All of our online sessions will be carried out via ZOOM online.

7.2 By registering for the SHE Online Membership, each member gives their consent to sessions being recorded and used both internally, as well as on the SHE social meida pages and website.

7.3 Should any member not wish to appear on social media, they are to inform SHE in writing, at least 24 hours before the session commences. Failure to do so shall be construed as consent in terms of clause 7.2 .

7.4 Members shall be strictly prohibited from using any device to record the sessions (or parts of). Computer screen cameras should be switched on for the duration of the live sessions.

8. Copyright Materials

8.1 All materials including photographs uploaded to our site are owned by SHE and protected by Copyright laws. These rights are reserved. Should members wish to share an image from our socials and/or site they must obtain permission from SHE, in writing.

8.2 Should permission be granted to use our material whether photographs or other, members must acknowledge SHE as its source and highlight this in any post creation whereby the image, photograph or any other data is made public.

8.3 Any member who wishes to and/or uses any of the material on our site or on our socials shall not modify and/or alter any of the material. This includes but is not limited to illustrations, graphics, photographs and/or video.

8.4 SHE reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member with immediate effect in the event they are found to be in breach of this clause and said member shall remove the content used and/or altered immediately.

8.5 Our sessions which include workshops, inspirational talks and discussion groups are created for SHE and are our sole intellectual property. At no point must these be copied, interpreted or used outside the SHE membership space. We do not grant permission for members to use our intellectual property, content or sessions.

9. Online Sessions and Content

9.1 Online sessions are intended for the benefit of our members only. Any content or materials used within the sessions must not be circulated or disclosed to outside parties. Any information exchanged within membership sessions must be kept confidential, unless to use in discussions with other members

10. Content from Other Sources

10.1 Every now and then we may feature or upload links from outside sources. The views held or expressed in the latter may not necessarily relate to our community values.

10.2 SHE shall not be held responsible or liable for any information or material created by outside sources which may from time to time be uploaded to our site and/or social media.

11. Data Protection

11.1 The data of each member is protected using a number of security plugins and encryptions.

11.2 By joining a workshop or event hosted by SHE, members automatically consent to SHE sending and/or notifying them of future events and other related activities via the SHE newsletter.

11.3 Data on each member shall only be used for the purpose of notifying them as stipulated in clause 11.2

12. Removal from membership

12.1 SHE reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who has not complied with the terms and conditions set out herein, or is found to be in breach of any policies.

12.2 Any member found to be in breach of this agreement as indicated in 12.1 will receive notification in writing and the membership will terminate on the day following the date of said notification.

12.3 Fees will not be refunded.

These terms and conditions have been updated on the 12th December 2021 and are subject to further change. Where possible we will notify our members about these changes in writing.