Active Spirit

Looking Back At Our Event

SHE Networking Event

15th February 2018, Active Spirit Gym, Ibragg

Oh to experience the joy once again when a room full of women seeking to connect in business gathered, this time inside a gym! Who would’ve imagined?

BIG thanks goes out to our sponsors PowerHouse Malta, People And Skin, A Life I Choose, MPS Malta, Served Magazine, Active Spirit, Ellie & Carl, Yana’s Jewellery, Grech & Co., Three Little Pigs, A Bird with a French Fry, Miss Ellen’s Travelling Treats, Misura, BIODERMA, Zen with Julia, Flavours for Health, MGO Manuka Malta and Souvenirs That Don’t Suck.

A VERY warm and special thanks to our Photographer Majda Toumi, Health food Caterers Peas & Love led by the truly scrumptious Holly Pisani and of course our exceptionally talented Guest Panelists Joanna Delia, Sarah Kennard, Emma Hogg and last but not least Angele Satariano (also our hostess) who very kindly allowed us to transform and pretty much take over her gym space for the day!

What We Spoke About

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Sarah Kennard

“Channel competition to something positive; always surround yourself by people better than yourself and you will do better.” –  Sarah Kennard

With a career spanning 20 years, Foodie, Mum of 2 Sarah Kennard has been involved in several successful projects and enterprises starting with the launch of her Family business – MPS, a marketing communications agency for which she recalls ” at the time PR was still relatively new as a discipline –often clients couldn’t see the value in paying for it so it took hard work to show the necessity of integrating it into any communication campaign whether through events or media relations”.

A further string of achievements so far include “In-Malta”, (the first complete “visitors” directory), a small catering business, editor of Air Malta In-flight magazine formally “In-Sky” renamed “Il-Bizzilla” and more recently editor of the popular glossy food magazine @servedmagazine to highlight a few!

Of the latter Sarah describes “I have found a creative outlet which is hugely satisfying as it combines everything I enjoy doing, writing, editing, eating cooking or reading about eating and cooking.”

Angele Satariano

“.” – Angele Satariano

Former Junior Athlete turned personal Trainer and owner of @activespiritmalta Angele Satariano is one super fit and inspirational lady! Hosting our event this February and joining our exceptional panel of Guest Speakers, Angele is set to take us through her journey from 9-hour day desk job to sporty triumphs to opening her own gym where the focus is primarily women’s health and fitness!


Joanna Delia

“You don’t need to be pigeon-holed. Buy your own property. Stop complaining that your boss stops you from getting ahead. Become the boss instead. Don’t be afraid.” – Joanna Delia

Named one of the 100 remarkable women of the “Artemisia” exhibition and Winner of Malta’s Best Healthcare Entrepreneur of the year Award 2017, Joanna Delia is a local heroine to many and an inspiration to us all! As well as her exceptional entrepreneur skills, Joanna is also a firm believer of women’s rights and their absolute entitlement to equality.

Emma Hogg

“Don’t limit yourself with the fear of judgement. You’ll make mistakes and that’s totally normal. Voice your fears and choose whether to subscribe to that belief, or to change it.” – Emma Hogg

Helping to assess and support the lives of others as well as her own – Meditating psychotherapist @emma_alifeichoose documents her journey of growing her blog while sharing it with us through Instagram stories and YouTube. Of her clients Emma writes “They learn to become the driver of their life, rather than a passenger. “A Life I Choose” is where I share my experiences of this work and philosophy.”