Charge up Your Ambition!

Charge up your Ambition!

Date: Wednesday, 16th September 2020
Time: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm CET
Location: This is an online session using Zoom

About the Event

To be an empowered entrepreneur is to be unobstructed by fear, self-judgement and limiting beliefs. It’s having the vision, the energy and the strategy you need to create the business you dream of.


In this fun, focused and interactive workshop, lifestyle strategist and psychotherapist Emma Hogg will share with you simple formulas to use over and over again to let go of fear, clearly define your goals and to commit to the action-steps you need to take to reach them.


Expect a thought-provoking session guided by our expert, Emma, whose skills, energy and passion will inspire you to develop a solution-focused mindset. This would include making yourself invaluable and irreplaceable to your clients/company, developing trust with your audience, earning money you’re proud of, and habits and action-steps to keep your momentum high.


Throughout, you will learn to tune into the career you wish to create – what is your ultimate vision for this? Followed by exploring “your why” also referred to as your purpose – Why does it even matter to honour this vision? How will it positively boost your life? If you don’t honour it, what will happen?


As with all of our workshops and events, we will be having a Q and A session where attendees will get the chance to engage directly with our expert and each other!




Participants will be joined by ourselves – SHE Co-founders Sass Woods in Malta and Julia Perry in Bath, U.K and will also receive a specially designed e-book for use during the session and to help guide you long after!


Tickets: €35 per person

Tickets are on a first come first serve basis.

How does an online session work?

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>Online sessions will be carried out using Zoom

>You won’t need to have a Zoom account to access the session but you will be required to download the software